We've cracked the blood sugar code... 
Helping our clients eliminate prediabetes and type 2 with our science based step by step lifestyle upgrade program.
You're a Prediabetic or Type 2 and You're Struggling....
with confusion, anxiety, stress, excessive worry, burn-out or overwhelm. These emotional issues that surround every piece of food you put in your mouth are affecting your life in a big way. Did I mention the poor sleep and fear of ending up like a relative who had this disease?  Or maybe you’re having brain fog which seem to be getting worse. Or, maybe a lack of energy is allowing depression or hopelessness to take hold. And, this is having a major impact on your health, your relationships and your finances.
We Can Help.
You’ve tried everything diets, counting calories, gym memberships, self-help books, dr. google, exercise routines, prescription drugs only to find yourself in the exact same place…maybe even worse. And, with less money. That’s because none of those things work long term until you fix what is causing the issues.  We need to fix to the ROOT CAUSE – which are hormones – and do the work there.
The Type 2 Mastery System is Different.
Our clients are able to eliminate struggles with blood sugar, stress, confusion and overwhelm – within 12 weeks they become blood sugar regulators. No matter how long they’ve suffered, no matter how much chaos they have in their life and, no matter how many emotional ‘labels’ they’ve been given while being told they will always suffer.  The Type 2 Mastery System is a powerful program that last 6 months, not just 12 weeks and delivers massive results for our clients, giving them Mastery over Type 2. Period
Delivering Results & Changing Lives
"I really didn't think I could do this.  In only 6 weeks I am down 2 pant sizes.  I was surprised that my brain fog cleared up and that gives me such a better outlook.  Jason's Type 2 program works."
Kim B.
Brain Fog Gone
"Since starting this program, I was able to lose 30 pounds and get off my two expensive diabetes medications.  I was skeptical, but this program works.  I saved significant money on medications and have the energy to go on walks with my wife again."
Mark B.
Save Money on Medication
"My doctor & I were very excited by my A1C going from 8.8 to 6.1 in just 12 weeks.  There are so many things that I would not have put together that Jason's program showed me."
Missy E.
A1C is Way Down 
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