About me....

Hi, I'm Jason Reed 
I’m a pharmacist and founder of the Type 2 Mastery System.
I believe that good health is an integral part of life.  Just try living without it.

I created this system because my own health was headed down the wrong path.  Even as a pharmacist, I didn't understand why I couldn't lose weight or why my cholesterol and blood sugar kept climbing.

That is why I am now teaching prediabetics and those with type 2 how to improve their condition by making smart science based choices.  We show them proven lifestyle modifications that work!

As your coach, I will go beyond inspiration and motivation to deliver concrete tools and an exact formula to completely eliminate struggles with blood sugar and diabetes.  I want all my  clients to reach entirely new levels of personal health.

So thanks for being here – I can't wait to connect more with you! (If you're not in The Blood Sugar Regulated Community on Facebook yet, definitely check it out!!  That's where I hang out the most.)

All the best,
Jason Reed, Doctor of Pharmacy

Leave The Struggles Behind

We can eliminate these struggles so you can be your true self and then, look out because all individuals are capable of an extraordinary life when you have your health back.”– Jason Reed 
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